Getting the BEST looking Wedding Video

Your big day is approaching.  You want the best looking wedding video and wedding photos you can imagine.  You have seen some really great looking wedding videos online.  So, how do you get the best looking wedding video?  There are a number of things to putting it all together.

1.  Shoot most of your wedding video / wedding photos on a day different then your wedding day.  OK, I know this might go against the old school standard of the groom not seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding.  That is for the most part out!  I would say that probably 95% of my clients over at least the last ten years have always taken wedding photos and shot their wedding video on a day different then their wedding.  If a Temple wedding we generally plan on shooting at the Temple on a Monday (temples are mostly closed on Monday’s) one or two weeks before the wedding.  This helps in a number of ways:  If the weather is bad we simply reschedule.  There are less people at the Temple on a day that the Temple is closed.  Yes you may have a number of other brides, photographers, and videographers there but for the most part everyone is very respectful of each other in letting everyone get their shots.  It makes it so much easier without having to constantly be working around lots of people coming to visit the Temple.  This also provides a way to have not nearly the amount of stress that might surface on the wedding day.  Simply get married, come out the doors, shoot your family photos and you’re done until the reception.  How easy was that.

2.  Choose the right time for your wedding photos/wedding video.  This is huge.  The light plays a major key factor in how your wedding photos and video will turn out.  You should never unless there is no other way shoot your images in the middle of the day.  The photographer and videographer will end up spending too much time worrying about technical issues.  This can also prove to be a challenging time of day to shoot if you have hired someone that is a little less then professional.  My absolute favorite time to start filming is about 1 hour before sunset.  Obviously this time changes during the year and based on your location.  My second favorite would be in the very early morning and to start filming about 15 – 20 minutes before the sun actually breaks the horizon and starts coming up.  Again this start time will change during the year.  In locations I film at on a regular basis I have favorite spots to shoot at depending on if we are shooting at sunrise or sunset.

3.  By taking most of your bride and groom photos / video on a different day you get to try different styles with your hair / makeup.  Want an updo of your hair on your “formal” photo day and your hair down on your wedding day, now you can.  I personally like a when a bride goes for a number of different looks.

4.  No rush.  There really isn’t a a rush if filming on a different day then your wedding.  Guests are not waiting for you to finish, food isn’t getting cold.  You will have opportunities to shoot in multiple locations.

These are only a few of the many reasons to film your wedding video on a day different then your wedding.  Take advantage of it.  Your photographer / videographer may charge a little more to do it or they may not.  Either way its worth it for the final results.

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How to Get The Wedding Video YOU Want

You’ve decided you must have a wedding video!  Great choice!  Not discounting wedding photos at all because I truly believe you absolutely need to get wedding photos.  However, your video will tell so much more of your story where the photos leave off.  Sure you can see some emotion in your photos, but can you feel them?  With your wedding video you will be able to hear exactly what the last piece of advice was your dad gave you right before you drove off for the night with your new husband.  You will be able to hear your friends scream and yell with excitement as you exit the Temple doors or walk down the aisle after your wedding ceremony.  There is no replacing that.  With you video you can relive it.

So, what is important to you in your wedding video?  Do you want just a straight documentary style recording of your events (a little dry in my opinion).  Or do you want that plus a fully edited piece that incorporates music, words and emotions like nothing else you have ever seen before.  There are videographers that specialize in just one of those or both.  I specialize in both.  I prefer to give my brides the best of both worlds.  I do film a straight documentary style of the events as they occur, but I also am looking for the little things that might get overlooked.  For instance how much time did you spend on picking out the right weddings shoes?  Well, I am going to get a shot of them.  Or how much time did you spend on the center pieces at each of the tables.  Well, I am also going to get a shot of that.  I love all the details at a wedding.  I know you have spent countless hours going over even the smallest things to make your wedding to fit just your style.  Why not capture it all on video.  Then share the video with your friends so easily on your facebook page or via your IPad.

You should watch lots of wedding videos online.  Youtube and facebook are a great place to start.  This should lead you to the websites of wedding videographers that can film for you.  While I understand your budget is important please don’t hire a wedding videographer based on price only.  Would you be the first patient for a new brain surgeon because he was a little cheaper then the one with experience.  The same should hold true for your wedding video and photos.  Please research and review.  Find someones style that fits your own first and then begin to review prices next.  Next find someone a little flexible on timing for the wedding day.  Plenty of things happen on a wedding day to push the schedule back a little.  Sure if you are running an hour late you should be considerate of your vendors and their time, but 10 or 15 minutes should be no big deal to anyone you hire to work for you at your wedding.

Of course I would love for you to consider us for your wedding video.

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Great Hair on Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day, and having the perfect hair is the first step. It can be easy to overlook this detail, but having great hair on your wedding day not only completes your look, but will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Salons all over Utah offer bridal hair services to suit your needs. Gossip Utah Hair and Nail Salon among others delivers expertise and an overall enjoyable experience. They currently are also offering a new client special. They are located in Clearfield. Here is a piece from their website: Make your big day special and look your best. The girls at Gossip Salon love weddings and doing wedding hair styles to make you look how you want to look on your day.

Hundreds—even thousands—of bridal hairstyles exist. Similar to an article of clothing, some hairstyles will always be more traditional, while others may be more on-trend and quickly go out of style. If you are completely stumped as to what hairstyle would suit you best on your wedding day, here are some tested-and-true hairstyle suggestions:

The half up half down: This hairstyle is suitable for all lengths of hair as well as any thickness. Begin with putting loose waves in your hair and then loosely pin half of it up. This look is romantic and natural.

The chignon up-do: Again, this hairstyle works for all lengths and thicknesses. Begin by curling your hair into fairly tight curls. Pull hair into an up-do, and secure the curls with bobby pins. This hairstyle has been around for years and fits the epitome of elegance. It also allows the bride to easily pin her veil into the chignon.

The low ponytail: This look is best for longer hair. Begin by adding loose waves to hair. Pull hair into a low ponytail, wrap a section of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a few bobby pins. This hairstyle is modern yet still effortlessly beautiful.

Almost any bridal hair look can be accessorized with flowers, feathers, or decorative hairpins. Accessories can make a huge difference in making your hairstyle unique and are customizable to match your wedding dress or overall color scheme.

Having a hair care regimen for a few weeks before the wedding can be advantageous in maintaining healthy, shiny locks. A few tips include combing your hair regularly, applying special treatments such as hot oil, and drinking lots of water.

With all of the time and effort it takes to plan a beautiful wedding day, it can be easy to neglect certain details. Take our advice, and plan to do a pre-wedding hair trial a few weeks prior. Fortelli will take care of you looking great. All that is left for you to do on D-day is relax, breathe, enjoy the moment, and have fun!

Also, don’t forget the groom and his groomsmen. They want to look their best as well. Of course we would love to be your videographer for your wedding day.

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How to find a wedding videographer

Your wedding day is quickly approaching.  You forgot you needed a videographer 🙂

There has been many times over the years where I have noticed that hiring a videographer has been the very last thing on a brides to do list for hiring vendors.  Photography is usually at the top along with where wedding reception venue will be located.  Why is that?

Well photography has been around much longer then videography.  It used to be much easier to share photos then video.  Back in the day to share your wedding video you had to get out the VHS tape.  Gather everyone into the living room to sit around your tiny TV and get out the popcorn because you’re in for an all nighter.  Wow how things have changed.

We load wedding videos onto our customers Ipad’s, Ipod’s, Droid’s, you name it we have done it.  No more do you need to drag everyone to the living room.  Although this still can be a great option while playing back a custom made blu ray of your wedding day.  No longer do you need to torture everyone with your 4 hour wedding video.  Now with our custom cutting edge editing we make a “short” version where you can relive all the sights, sounds and emotions of your wedding day in 15 – 20 minutes.  Of course if you want to watch the long version that is always included.  Wedding videographers now can provide a service and a final product that would have been unheard of just a few years before.  Of course its easy to share your photos on your Ipad, but now its just as easy to share all the emotions as well through your wedding video.

What to look for in a wedding videographer?  I have seen many times over the last few years random people picking up a video camera and claiming to be a wedding videographer.  Just a recent quick search through youtube confirmed this fact.  So many youtube accounts that show just a handful of wedding videos uploaded by someone claiming to be a videographer then listing a website.  Trying to click on the website paints a different picture.  As the website is no longer and the person has gone out of business.  This can be especially bad for a bride who hires someone that is very new to the business.  What if they go out of business before your day or even worse after filming at your wedding and then you can no longer find them and you never get your video.  Or a recent one that I am helping a bride with.  She hired someone with a really low price because they are just starting out.  Uh oh that company booked a higher paying job for the same date and dropped out of the original contract with bride number one.  She is now struggling to find another video company very close to her date.  So, I would have to say above all else experience matters.  The next thing would be to review their work.  Does the style fit with yours?  Do you and your videographer get along.  Are they fun and energetic and excited about the work they do?  These are all important things you should be asking yourself.

At the end of the day, your wedding video is about YOU.  Make it your own.

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Utah Wedding Reception Venues

Utah is a great place to have your wedding and or reception.  From simple to elegant there are many great Utah Wedding Reception Venues to hold your event.

In looking around the web I came across a number of what looks like quality locations. describes itself as: A great multi-purpose facility that is an affordable way to gather, work and play. A Noah’s experience is outside the box of typical event centers and is sure to guarantee your success and accommodate your unique style and agenda.

Here is a shot from their site.


 Is another location that appears to be a fantastic place to hold your wedding and or reception.  Here is how they describe themselves:  Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience! Utah’s premier  wedding reception center is a mere 15 minutes from Salt Lake City or  Layton in Bountiful, Utah.

The Manor at Eldredge Square Reception Center is a beautiful 19th-century Utah mansion, providing all the essentials for your wedding reception, luncheon or ceremony!






Another great location I came across is  Here is how they describe their location:  Let Millennial Falls create this perfect day for you. We use our breathtaking gardens, incredible waterfalls and magnificent indoor setting as the canvas on
which to create your dream.  Then, to take away your worries, our customized
packages offer everything you will need to complete your day.  Exquisite
food, cake, invitations, flowers, ice sculpture and other details are included
to save you precious time from running around.

In looking at their site I realize that I actually filmed here a few years ago for a bride that was married in the Salt Lake Temple.





Of course we would love to be your videographer for your wedding.  You can reach us at

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